Feb. 6th, 2006

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It's late at night when I find myself waking up in my office in the Weta building. I push up out of my chair, and with just one step I feel that sickeningly familiar crunch of pencil under my foot. Damn it. He's never popped out here, not in this building. I'm bothered and pissed off for a couple of reasons. I remember Viggo's abrupt departure, and yeah, I'm still biting back the urge to phone him up and get the last word in. Well, I would if I could think of a decent last word, anyway. And now I'm concerned about the Professor taking up his scribbling here. It's bad enough he's taken over my home office, but at least that's at home. Here? Anyone could have popped in the door at any time, I don't make a big show out of setting appointments or knocking. I'm going to have to have a casual talk with the receptionist and try to find out if he held court with anyone.

On location, or a set - that's where the arguments with the actors happen. My home office is where the Professor lets his obsessions out. But here. This is Weta. This is the playground. You know that cliche about going to your Happy Place when you're upset? This is my Happy Place.

Screw em. Screw Viggo and the damn horse Aragorn rode in on. Screw the Professor and his hidden agendas. I'm going to my Happy Place.

I plop back down in my chair and deliberately bring up a memory, a good one, from last year. I can't help grinning as I recall a friend of mine and a wonderfully silly day spent at Weta.

(The reader must now imagine those wiggly-lined fade-out effects that accompany a flashback sequence)

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