Dec. 22nd, 2005

peterjackson: (Purple Shirt Thumbs Up)
The sleekly modern front lobby of the Weta Workshop was brightly lit by sunlight streaming through plentiful windows. It was just a tad *too* bright and cheerful, Pete had thought as he trod in that morning.

But, well, it was Christmas after all. After raiding Weta's back rooms for various bits and scraps, Pete had returned to lend his own brand of whimsey to the three large models that were on permanent display in the lobby.

The life-size statue of Lurtz now looked almost handsome in his red cap and silver leggings made from wrapped garland, and of course the mistletoe pinned to the ceiling above him would no doubt improve his love life. The white handprint across his face was now dotted with sparkles, bringing a glow to his handsome features. He carried a sack of what people could only hope were presents. Not that anyone was brave enough to look.

King Kong sported a cane, and one leg was wrapped in bandages. A jaunty English cap was perched on his head, and the scrawled sign propped at his feet proclaimed, "God Bless Us, Every One! - Love to all, Tiny Kong."

Gollum had fared the worst of the lot. A set of antlers had been strapped to his head with duct tape, and a red glowing ball was attached to his nose. Pete was happily singing a chorus of 'Gollum, the red nosed reindeer' when the battered copy of the Daily Dirt lying on the lobby table on top of the usual fanzine caught his eye.

Lord of the Rings co-stars Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen were spotted cozying it up in Niagara Falls, Canada, in a hush-hush "honeymoon," sources say.

Pete read the rest of the article, then quietly stuffed the paper in the garbage recepticle behind the reception desk, before heading back to his office to pen a card to mail to the newlyweds.

Congratulations, Viggo and Orlando! Call me when you're back in town and we'll celebrate. Enjoy marital bliss while you can, because as a wise philosopher once said, 'Being married is like being in the bathtub. After a while, it's not so hot.' - Pete

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