Feb. 18th, 2005

peterjackson: (Saaaaaay)
Worst. February. Ever.

The Hutt Valley's managed to suck in enough of this smog layer that we can't film outside. My New York set? Looks like a foggy London night, even at high noon. I should be filming Jack The Ripper, not King Kong. We've all gone indoors, taking care of the shots we can handle from inside closed, filtered-air buildings, trying to shoot around the bad weather. But we're going to have to get back outdoors soon or this movie's never going to be finished, and it's not like my City can be packed up and moved out of town.

Believe me, I checked. Would take four months to disassemble enough to move the sets, another three to set them back up again. Assuming I found a location big enough and available. Nah, No smog lasts seven months, so it's a moot point. I've gotta go with the hand we've been dealt.

For the time being, I'm just stuck. Maybe I should try shooting some Ripper footage, maybe produce a short, offbeat film to help offset the cost of all these delays. Know a few friends in town that might just be into that, now that I think of it. Course, it would be the asthmatic version, since my actors would no doubt be wheezing out their lines.

Goddamnit it!!! I'm just trying to make a living here!!

Fine, then. Day's wrapped, we got twelve solid scenes done. Not enough, but it's better than nothing. I need a beer worse than I need my next breath, which no doubt is going to smell like arse around here.

I'm going over some notes I've scribbled out today, trying to make the thousand adjustments the weather's forcing on us when my cell goes off. "Yeah, oh hey, Alex. Visitor? Christ, we're wrapping for now and I just want to get out of here. Hmm? John Noble? Okay, let him in, that one's a welcome exception. Tell anyone else that comes by we're a closed set today, willya? Good man."

Having a rough day, I see. )

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