Jan. 17th, 2005

peterjackson: (Purple Shirt Thumbs Up)
Pete: I am beyond jazzed. I didn't expect to see him till next week, but James just paid a surprise visit and he had my ancient Bolex 16mm camera with him. It's been cleaned up, buffed up, and I swear it looks better than the day I bought it back in 1982. The thing was pretty well used even then. I'm a sentimental idiot, but I can afford to be. James is a local teenager who's already got a reputation for restorations, and once he's done with school, I'm hoping I can find him a place working at Wingnuts.

My office is so stuffed there's no clear place to set it down, so I tell James to go set it on the film shelves in the viewing room. I settle up with what I owe and remind him I've got some more work for him if he wants it on his next school break. After he leaves, I wander back into the viewing room, and play with my old camera, remembering filming The Valley, and I flop in one of my oversized movie chairs and let decades-old memories play across my brain. Sometimes a wallow's a really fun thing to indulge in. I get up and poke at the film shelves aimlessly, picking up various old tapes and reels and even a few of those crappy oversized plastic-cased laser disks that didn't quite catch on a few decades ago. I turn a copy of Bad Taste around in my hands, and wish I had some company for a screening.

And then I remember the kid I met at the Halloween party. Bernie's boy. Yeah! Why not? Could be a kick. Bernie gave me his number that night, and yep, it's here on speed dial. I flop back in one of the overstuffed chairs, and balance a betamax copy of Escape from New York on my head as I ring him up.

Just tell me to bugger off if you like, I'm used to it! )

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