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Pete took one last look through a living room window, and sighed. Still no sign of Viggo or Orlando. Maybe they'd had a flat on the way over... no, they'd think to call. Pete tried not to worry about what might be delaying them, and wandered back to the theatre.

He was just in time to hear Karl arguing with Dave. "Oh, this is going to be a stellar war council", Pete muttered. Then he raised his voice loud enough for the whole room to hear.

"Right, then! We're here to try to find a way to murder a wraith. Would the lot of you please settle out? I can't believe you're fighting already! Now then! Who wants to go first? Who's got a notion of something that might help the situation?"

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Craig raised his hand, "Um... why not get Miranda to do it? No man can kill me and all that stuff right?"

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Honestly, at the moment, Sean didn’t have a fucking clue what to do, though he wondered suddenly after Craig finished, “ Um, right, even if we take out the Wraith, what happens to Jed, after?”

Sean didn’t know Jed, didn’t think that they’d ever met, but he couldn’t help but feel for the bloke. Christ, how did he manage having such a shift? Boromir seemed like bloody sweetness and light in comparison.

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They were late, god, so late and it'd been his fault because he wanted to get some juice and they'd gotten lost (not that he could ever admit that, but that's what they were) and then they'd had that slight detour (which he really wanted to say wasn't his fault but probably was) and by the time they finally got to the theatre Orli had chewed his lip into redness and was fidgeting so much that he nearly sprang out of the car and up to the door.

"Viggo! C'mon! Hurry up!" Nevermind that it really was his fault.

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"Hurry up, he says," Viggo muttered under his breath as he locked the car and followed. "Now he wants to hurry up," he said, loud enough for Orlando to hear as he walked briskly to catch up with the hyperactive man.

As laid back as he could be, he didn't like to be late, especially not when he needed answers and some of the old fellowship might be just the people to fill in the blanks for him and Orlando both.

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Sitting nearest the door, Paris heard the knock and since Pete was deep in conversation, he wriggled out of Dave’s grasp and went to open it. He was relieved when he saw who was standing on the doorstep, and ushered them inside. Orli he kinda knew. They’d hung out a couple of times when he’d done his brief stint on Rings, both being of a similar age, but Viggo he’d only seen around the set once.

“Hi Orlando, it’s good to see you, despite the circumstances.” He smiled warmly and shook his hand and turned to his companion. “Viggo, glad to have you here. I’m Paris.” He introduced himself, just in case the older man didn’t remember him. “Better come on through, we’re just getting started.” He could hear voices beginning to rise in the theatre behind him.

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As it was, since most of the last few years were a big blank in Viggo's mind, the most recent accesible memories in his brain were those of filming here in New Zealand. He vaguely remembered the handsome young man, even though they never really interacted. "Yeah. Hello, Paris. Sorry we're late," he muttered amicably enough, swallowing back his irritation. He gave a half-hearted smile, distracted by the rising voices.

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Karl answered Craig. "I think that was for the Witch King, not the ordinary Wraiths. And Mir isn't around." He looked at Pete, knowing that he would have called everyone, not just the ones who lived in Zid.

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"I talked to Miranda. She's out of the country, but I did warn her about what's been going on. She's scared, and neither of us wanted to mention the name that rhymes with Spurhelm. But if things come to that... I'll call her again. No promises."

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"You've got no idea what this bloody Wraith is capable of." He didn't understand it completely, he'd admit, but he had some sort of idea. His voice grew cold. "There's an easy way out of this. Kill Jed. He's vulerable. I'm not sure the Wraith is. The good of the many, right?"

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Dave was just starting to yell at Karl. "That's patently the stupidest idea you've ever -- " when Pete cut him short.

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"Dave! Shut it. No one's killing Jed. He's one of us, and we aren't going to start offing our own people in this war." Pete sat down heavily in one of the theater chairs, and wrapped his arms tightly around himself. He seemed somehow frailer, thinner.

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"The good of the many outweigh the needs of the few, this is your desired path. And you would take it in your hands to decide exactly what those needs are, would you, young man? Killing the human form that holds the wraith, while he is in this world, that is your plan. Now, can you tell me exactly what will happen to the wraith once that human form ceases to breathe? Will it simply vanish into thin air? Or will it be freed to find another body to crouch in?" The frail form shivered in spite of the warm room. "Tell me the answer to that, before you raise a hand against your friend."

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Craig had remained silent listening to the arguing, but spoke at the thought of what might happen after the body was killed, the question of what would happen to the wraith.

"There was a... thing, that didn't need a body to kill, a long time ago," He hesitated trying to find the words for what had only been a nightmare Haldir had explained to him like explaining to a child that there really was a bogey man, "When the elves were first waking up, all they remembered was that it was something made of darkness."

He had been so serious there, he had to shake himself out of it, the cold of that nightmare had been horrible, "I don't see any reason why it can continue with or without Jed, even if he died somehow, it might even lock it up in our world then. There has to be another option."

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"All right! I wasn't serious, yeah? Not much." They still didn't have a clue what the thing was capable of, how it would kill them. He gripped Sean's hand harder, taking strength from the contact with his lover.

"This thing in Jed . . . I'm dead certain that I've run into it. Thought Jed was just cracked at the time, cause, well fuck, we were all sorta off. So I forgot about it till Pete's news. We were filming down in Otago, and a dresser offed himself."

Karl looked at Dave, wondering if Faramir was listening in. "I think the Wraith talked him into it."

He paused, trying to frame what he was going to say next without saying too much. Sean's fingers rubbed across his and Karl was grateful that there was one person in the world who knew everything about him and didn't judge him for it. "I saw Jed, I was headed to Faramir's room to help him cover exactly who he was. Jed came up to me and started whispering shit . . . telling me the world would be better off without me after the things I've done. He made me feel like . . . bloody hell, it was like he took my emotions and made everything worse. If I hadn't . . . "

If he hadn't called Sean the night before, if Sean hadn't been willing to get on a plane right away, if the Wraith had found him earlier. Lots of 'what ifs' that didn't bear thinking about.

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Dave's glare softened as Karl explained himself. "That incident in Otago. I know about that one. Damn, Jed was talking to you like that? That's not his nature! He's not one to point a finger at a mate like that." Dave shuddered. "It has to be related. And that other poor bloke, Damn. Jed doesn't know he did that, does he? That he literally talked a friend to death?"

Dave reached back in his mind, and did that odd shoulder-tap he and Faramir had perfected over the years. You might be needed here. There's a wraith loose in Wellie and your friend Jed is hip-deep in the situation. Just listen, and let me know if you have something to say.

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Sean went cold inside at Karl’s words, and his fingers tightened around those of his lover. “Dangerous bastard,” he muttered.

The expressions around the room seemed to agree, and Sean wondered, “Right, how does one go about killing the thing, without hurting Jed. Or, neutralizing it, somehow?”

It seemed clear to Sean they needed every idea they could get their hands on.

“The athelas tea seemed to subdue it, right? Maybe there’s something else . . . some other way of, blocking it, somehow.”

He shook his head, rubbed the back of his neck, feeling the beginnings of a tension headache.

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"The Nazgûl. They have no great physical power against the fearless." He paused, fiddling with his fingers as if he should be holding something. Then his hands relaxed, he sighed, and continued. "But what they have, and the fear that they inspire, is enormously increased in darkness."

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"By fearless, what do you mean? Would that mean lack of understanding what it is to fear the Nazgûl?" Craig queried to the Professor. He considered the elven lamps that Haldir had talked about once after using a flashlight, but couldn't remember anymore if they had been used as a weapon and not merely a tool in every day use, but it was something to consider, "What kind of light against the dark?"

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"That is indeed the question. What kind of light do you think it might be?" The old man shook his head from side to side. "It does not matter what the Nazgûl fears. Ask yourself what you fear. Therein may be the key." He looked around the room at the gathering of companions, and knew by their words and actions that they were here to find a way to fight back against his own creation. He sighed. How can one fight a creature that was given its own will by its creator? How might one pinpoint a weakness when no distinct Achilles heel was written into the beast? "I suppose if one were too stupid to realize they should not fight such a fell beast, that might be considered fearless. But do not rely on ignorance equaling bliss."

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Karl looked at Pete, who seemed to be talking off his head. Just what they needed, some one else cracking it.

Even when Karl'd taken down the fanboys in some sort of battle rage state, he'd still been afraid of them, afraid for himself and for everyone else with him. And he'd been afraid enough of the things coming out of the volcano to scream for Éomer instead of facing them himself, something that he still felt guilty for on occasion. So he wasn't the right person to fight this Wraith, if it came to that. "I don't see how we'll ever find anyone who doesn't fear the Wraith, even if they don't know what it is. And no one ever fought them directly, did they?"

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"Thanks, Mate." Holding onto Viggo's hand, he tugged him deeper into the theatre, following the voices of the others and trying not to feel horribly overwhelmed. He'd read through his old journals but he still didn't remember a lot of things and he really wasn't sure he wanted everyone to know that yet.

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"Yes. But those were elves. And ones we aren't going to be seeing anytime soon. If there are any kind of rules about whatever has happened in the last four or so years, it looks like things that took place in the movies are the only stuff let through, I don't think we'll be getting the real kind of help we could use unfortunately." Privately to himself he wondered, where was a Noldor when you needed one, the kind that still had that frightening light in their eyes from seeing the two trees. It had been an interesting time in Cumbria. He continued, "Professor, if the rules can be changed would we be able to get help from those long since faded from history?" Glancing over at Karl and realizing the look on his face, he elbowed him hard, "C'mon Karl, get used to it, I'd rather be talking to the Professor right now anyway. He can help us."

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Fuck, he'd completely forgotten that Dave told him about Pete's shift. He must've had something else on his mind. Oh yeah, Sean. His hand tightened with the memories, giving Sean a look which his lover most likely wouldn't understand, but he'd tell him later. Nothing in this world or the other one was going to separate them, not while he was still breathing. "All right. Point, Craig. Professor? Can we change the rules?"

He couldn't remember which Elf shifts could take on the Ringwraiths, but surely some of the ones Pete cast had enough power?

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It has been done before. "I cannot forget a night right here in this house when I was urged to write a story, but not two sentences had been penned when it was torn from my grasp and burned." Tolkien coughed and fumbled for his pipe, then muttered a light oath at realizing the pockets he rummaged through were not his own. This evening his shift was merely one of the mind, having been allowed access by Pete, and the journey being a short one,. Crossing the gap of less that a century and remaining within his own world was not as large a leap such as other shifts must endure. In appearance and attire, the Professor presently retained the appearance of his host.

"I am not the author in this time - I cannot fathom the ways in which stories are told these days, with computing machines and cameras beyond the scope of those I have known. My tales have already been re-told, by one of your own, and my vision of history has already changed because of what he committed to film."

He looked around the room, studying the faces of those who had gathered. His gaze settled on Viggo. "Ask that one about changing the rules. He owes his life to such a brash undertaking."

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Paris listened to what was being said around him, not sure if the vague idea that he'd been toying with would be of any use, but he decided to get it out there.

"Um, I know I wasn't as involved with the movies anywhere near as much as you guys were, but I've done some reading over the last few days … and nights." Truth be told, Paris hadn't been able to sleep much with thoughts of the wraith oozing through his head. "About wraiths and rings and stuff, and I was wondering …" He paused, feeling out of his depth. "Well, it says in one of the books I've read that while the One Ring remained in the world, in Middle Earth, the powers of the three Elven rings was limited by uncertainty." He really hoped he was remembering this right.

"Well, er, things, like the Entling, that have had contact with the bowl, pond, whatever, they take on the powers of their middle earth counterparts, similar to what happens to us when we shift, and I was thinking that if we took one of the Vilya's used in the movie to the bowl, maybe the same would happen to that, only there isn't a "working" One Ring in this world to limit it's power. Not quite sure how we'd use it against the wraith, though, but it might give us some power over it." He shrugged, hoping someone else might be better qualified to work that out.

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Dave's eyes got bigger and bigger as Paris went deeper into his explanation. "Well, at least there's been some good come of you getting up at all hours of the night. Yeah, I'd noticed you were restless, love." Dave re-wound the theory in his own head, puzzling it through. "So, let me see if I get this straight. If we had a ring of power in this reality, you think it might dampen down the power of the wraith?" He took a deep breath. "Maybe if we had our own true One Ring, it'd be even more effective. It could swab Morgoth in cotton wool, so to speak. And I think Pete's got a few hundred prop rings, as I recall."

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Over the years, quite a few of the movie props turned to real-life usage. Most of the weaponry had been taken over by the shift-owners. Costumes had been collected by those who felt comfortable wearing them. The rings though... they were locked up tight, in a sealed box in a locked safe and no one but Pete knew where they were these days. Only one of the original rings belonged to another, and Elijah hadn't been seen in quite a while.

The Professor was so startled by the notion of having an active Ring in Wellington that it jostled Pete into wakefulness. Two minds spoke, though only one voice was heard. "perhaps Vilya might be of assistance. But we need someone who is strong enough to wear it. As for the One Ring, NO, Dave. It's too dangerous. Just... no!"

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"I... hm," Viggo said less than eloquently, cutting in on the conversation a long time after this person who looked like Pete but sounded nothing like him had addressed him. He looked around the room, feeling extremely self-conscious. It became obvious that his hands had started to sweat when he gave Orlando's hand a little squeeze to ground himself. He cleared his throat, feeling like he had just walked into the typical actor's nightmare. It was as if the whole cast and crew were here for the show and he didn't know his lines. He had to make a conscious decision not to look down at himself to make sure he wasn't naked.

Somehow, Viggo knew there must be a rational explanation for all of this. He had read through disjointed bits and pieces of his journals, and even asked Orlando to let him read his better organized ones. He could still make no heads or tails of any of it. He sighed, realizing all eyes were on him.

"I'm sure I once knew what you were talking about," he told Tolkien-in-Pete's-body, then shook his head sadly. "Right now, there's a blank wall where the last few years of my life should be. I'm afraid I have no idea what any of you are blabbing about, aside from words I've read in the lunatic ravings I found in my own journals. Sorry." He was flushed, his heart thudding in his chest by the time he was done. He figured he was about to have a panic attack. That would be a first. "The one ring? You really do believe we... it... I mean... I think I need a drink."

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He shook his head, shifting his legs one over the other again in his chair and scratching at his knee, "Bringing the ring into this is the last thing we should ever do. I've talked to Elijah in London, the whole thing terrifies him. He's not like Frodo, besides he puts it on what happens? He'll probably just disappear, panic..." Craig's voice trailed off, "It might even help provide a link for Morgoth, didn't he or um, Sauron always see Frodo when he'd put the ring on or something?"

He pressed fingers against his left temple, a headache beginning to grow. So much time in the past years had been spent by Haldir, that part of him seemed to bleed into Craig's own sense of self, the thought of the ring, so much power and temptation being brought forth made the sense of sheer wrongness rise up like bile in his throat if he allowed himself to think too hard on it. "The rings were old power, when it was still pretty amazing, if we have a true Vilya around... how can we even trust ourselves with that kind of power? Galadhriel had the weather itself stop around Lothlorien... just because she wanted it to."

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"Have you lost your fucking minds?" Right. Well Viggo clearly had, but at least he admitted it. Karl got up and went to the fridge, trying to remember what kind of ale Viggo liked, but he couldn't remember and didn't see any Jameson's. He grabbed a random bottle, handed it to Viggo and sat down.

"Do any of you understand what bringing that kind of power to our world would do? Cause I bloody well don't. And yeah, maybe my shift is a stupid horseboy with more brawn than brains who wouldn't know what to do with it, but surely none of yours can think that this is a good idea? And the One Ring . . ."

Karl shuddered, not having the words for the fear that clawed at him, icy fingers of terror digging into him. He wanted to take Sean away, afraid of what that idea would do to Boromir. Fuck, somebody had to put a stop to this idea.

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Dave suddenly started laughing. Not in a happy, amused way - it was an exasperated sounding laugh. "So, let me get this straight. Viggo's got amnesia and can't remember his own alter ego. A conventional doctor would call you cured, do you realize that? You seriously don't remember what's gone on the past few years? Damn, I need to smoke whatever you've got, I could use a case of forgetfulness." But then he glanced at Paris, and shrugged apologetically. "No, I guess I don't want that after all. There's been more good than bad these past few years. Damn it, what good is a theatre full of actors against all this? There's got to be one good idea in.... hey. We're in a theatre. Maybe we should re-watch the movies and brainstorm ideas from the visual cues?"

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Meanwhile, Tolkien was glaring at Karl and muttering something about so-called 'stupid horseboys' being among the most brave and noble people he'd ever created. "If the elves and hobbits, and especially the Gondorians hadn't gotten involved and it was simply up to Rohan, I could have written the entire tale in twenty pages. One fast horse, one determined Rohirrim... it would have been so simple."

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Paris smiled at Dave and was about to sit back when Théo eased into his mind, and for a moment he panicked inwardly. They’d never shared his body before. If they talked, they each stayed on their side of the divide, and when Théo shifted in, Paris left, so this was an altogether new sensation. He could see, and feel the touch of Dave’s hand on his, but Théo was in there with him, and Paris had no doubt he could do the same. Just as realisation hit that despite everything he had done to keep Théo away from Tolkien’s works he was now in the same room as the man himself, Théo took control of his body.

Théo turned and gave Karl a measured stare. “Perhaps you should endeavour to learn more about the man you shift with before you insult him.” Then he turned to the one who had spoken well of his people, and inclined his head in greeting. From what he had heard so far, the quietly spoken man who sounded older than his years may well be the man who had written the history of his world for the people of Paris’ world. He was also being deferred to by the others in the room, so it was to this man that he spoke.

“I know nothing of powerful rings, but if you need my assistance in defeating this threat, you have it.” Then he turned and addressed the rest of the room, looking at the assembled men, his eyes lingering on those he had not met before.

“This Jed, your friend who shifts with the wraith, can I assume that he is locked away somewhere for his own protection while you debate his fate?”

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Karl glared at Pete and Théo, who should just butt out anyway. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen Paris's shift, and he still hated that Théo took over his friend without any warning. Rude bugger. "My opinion of Éomer is rather beside the point, wouldn't you say?"

He didn't know whether to be relieved that they'd been in Italy when this mess started or not. It was hard to tell if the situation was screwed up beyond saving or if they still had time to get a strategy. "But it's a good question, Davey . . . what have you done with Jed?"

Date: 2006-12-22 03:38 pm (UTC)
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Tolkien gazed at Karl and shook his head. "I would think your opinion of Éomer matters in many ways. You share a bond, young man. He is also a member of this modern-day fellowship, unless I am mistaken and you do not count the citizens of Middle Earth as allies?"

Date: 2006-12-22 03:39 pm (UTC)
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Dave squirmed uncomfortably in his seat at Karl's pointed query. "Me? I'm not his keeper! Um, I haven't even talked to him since, well, since Cate and I saw him at WETA. He's been drinking athelas tea ever since that day to keep himself under control. And he was going to start growing his own supply, too. I thought the tea solved the problem." Dave twisted round and looked at Pete. "What about you? If anyone's his keeper, it's gonna be you, mate!"

Date: 2006-12-22 03:40 pm (UTC)
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Tolkien simply smiled at Dave. "If you are speaking to your colleague Peter, I'm afraid he can't hear you right now. I am finding it takes my full concentration to follow your conversations. If you wish to place blame, it will have to wait until I leave. I am in no hurry, considering the predicament."

Date: 2006-12-22 03:41 pm (UTC)
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Viggo took the bottle from Karl with a grateful, if tight, smile. "Thank you," he said softly. He tossed down a long swig of it without stopping to even look at what he was drinking. The cold ale felt soothing going down his throat. Dave's laughter was rather jarring to the already tense man, and he gritted his teeth for a moment before looking over. "Forgetfulness is overrated," he said, wishing he had Orli's hand to squeeze. He shook his head, trying to wrap it around the surreal conversation at hand. "I'd... have to agree that introducing the One Ring to the mix might be a very bad idea. As it is," he said, and stopped.

He really had no idea whether everyone here knew of the palantir he had in his possession. Looking around at everyone present, he decided it was too late to worry about it. He shrugged and continued. "As it is, I'd be more than happy to get rid of that damned palantír, if I could." He'd woken up with chills for two nights after handling it to pack it and bring it back to New Zealand.

Date: 2006-12-22 06:50 pm (UTC)
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Sean shifted closer to Karl, grateful for his lover’s warm presence, feeling at least ten steps behind in the conversation. His insides iced over at the thought of bringing the One Ring into their world. Lacing his fingers with Karl’s he breathed out slowly, glancing at Dave. He wondered how Faramir would react to that particular idea, but figured he could guess.

And Vig . . . not remembering the last few years of his life? Christ. Sean wondered if Viggo even recalled anything of their time together, and once that would have wounded him deeply, but now he felt greater sadness at the thought that their once close friendship may be lost for good. Tolkien spoke again, and Sean took a long pull on his beer, wishing suddenly, fervently, that he and Karl were still on holiday, back in Italy, blissfully unaware under a Tuscan sun, among the endless rows of the vineyards.

Sean tightened his fingers about Karl’s at his mention of Jed, earning him a look from his lover. Frankly, he felt uncomfortable sitting about, deciding Jed’s fate without the other man even being aware. No one seemed sure exactly where Jed was, or how he was coping and it seemed to Sean they should think about keeping track of the bloke, for their own sakes. Karl was still looking at him as Viggo mentioned the palantír, and Sean tried on a slight smile. They’d sort something out. They had to.

Date: 2006-12-22 08:00 pm (UTC)
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Karl wanted to wrap himself around Sean right then, just for that smile, just because Sean could be so reassuring, even when the world was going to hell around them. None of their friends might appreciate it though an affectionate display at the moment, so from somewhere Karl dragged up an answering smile.

He turned back to the group, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. "So we've got a Ringwraith that no one is watching, and a palantír that . . . for fuck's sake, Viggo, is it someplace safe?"

What if Jed got the palantír? He struggled, trying to work through the implications of that, but he didn't know enough about it to get the odds. Suddenly, he was glad that his shift was a simple warrior, not some destiny-ridden, complicated man.

His voice was begging when he turned to Pete again. "Professor? Can you untangle this?"

Date: 2006-12-22 08:05 pm (UTC)
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The Professor had risen from his seat, and was slowly pouring a large brandy. The mention of the palantír had definitely given him pause. "A palantír will prey on the weakness of it's owner. If you wish to be rid of it, than it must be placed elsewhere. This is the first thread of your conundrum to 'untangle'. This fellowship speaks often of rings, and palantír, and athelas. I suppose you have collected swords and armor and cloaks, as well."

He returned to his seat, and thoughtfully sipped his brandy. "Speak more of the character of your friends and lovers that find themselves in this battle, and less of the artifacts you have stumbled upon. For those who are weak of mind and spirit will find these items to be a bane, and not a help. Seek out those that are strong of mind and will. Perhaps then, you will find your path clearer."

Date: 2006-12-22 08:08 pm (UTC)
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Reaching over, Orlando's hand stumbled for Viggo's. He might not have his memories of everything that happened, but he knew that the other man's presence made him feel better, even as he followed the Professor's words. "The palantír is somewhere safe," Orlando murmured, answering for Viggo without thinking.

A ringwraith no one was watching, a ring, a palantír, and athelas. All tools that in the right hands could do what? But tools in the wrong hands meant... Well, a ringwraith on his own was far too dangerous. "Because it doesn't matter if we have the items, it's how we use them, yes?"

Date: 2006-12-22 09:30 pm (UTC)
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"It's not that, we can't use them if we can possibly help it, we have to find a way to fight without relying on stuff that--" Craig hesitated, this felt too much like things Haldir might say, "It's just, the temptation is sitting there, and we can't allow ourselves to get near it. The Palantirii were powerful, but it had a bad side to it. The One Ring is terrifyingly powerful, but it isn't something we should ever want to use, it is only another entanglement of the enemy. Even Celebrimbor's rings are dangerous in their own way. I wouldn't want to see any of us with that. There has to be a way without those tools. Even our own weapons... those at least are not so great." He felt odd talking so long, noticing how everyone seemed to be cuddling up with each other and got up, "I'm going to check on the puppy she's been out of my sight too long," leaving before anyone could say anything.

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Lacing his fingers firmly with Orlando's, Viggo nodded his agreement to his lover's reply. "I can't help but feel this selective amnesia is just a little bit too convenient. I thought I might brought it upon my self by trying to use the palantír myself, but then Orli was affected too, and I saw no sign of that possibility in any of my journals. I would have written down something like that." He looked around, setting his jaw. During filming, the cast seemed all too ready to rally around him, but he wasn't feeling very leader-like these days.

He addressed the Professor, feeling crazy for it. "Do you know of a way to restore our memories? It seems like the advisable thing to do, doesn't it?" His fingers tightened slightly around Orlando's.

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Tolkien signed in frustration, and turned to face Viggo. “Have I pulled a dove from my hat, young man? Do you see flowers springing from my fingertips? I am a writer, I am not a magician.” It was becoming more and more apparent that this collected group had been damaged by their encounters with Morgoth, and each of them were suffering from their own personal bits of disarray. This amnesia, however, was quite a bother to the Professor. “You have been dealt a disarming blow by your enemy, but not a killing one. I cannot peer into your mind to heal it, it will be up to you to find a way. I do find it irritating that you and your young friend embodied two of my finest characters, and now they are misplaced.” He sighed, stood, and brushed his hands down his clothing to smooth out the wrinkles. “Your troubles started when Mister Jackson dabbled with my story. He should be held responsible, not me. I wish you all good luck. I am but an old man, and I am weary. Goodbye and good luck.”

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His return into his body was quick and abrupt, making Pete wobble on his heels. He looked around the room and saw the confusion and concern on everyone’s faces. “So, I take it I didn’t miss any big revelation of a solution, then?” He glanced at his watch and was startled to see that several hours had passed. “You lot look done in. Why don’t we call it a night and get some rest?”

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