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Dec. 22nd, 2004 08:13 am
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My New Year's Resolution: Become a sex symbol.

Hey, I hang around them all day long, and you know? It wears on a guy. You think I don't know how close I came to actually becoming a hobbit WITHOUT the benefit of shifting? Time's come for changes, lots of them.

The glasses? Gone. Who knew there were these little things called 'contacts'? They're great! Although, I do find myself trying to polish my eyeballs with a handkerchief now and then, but I'm sure that phase will pass.

As for the hair. It's more under control. Not completely, but I would appreciate still being recognized by my friends. So, stage one is complete, with some raggedy forehead-danglers so I can still be myself.

The clothes. Enough already with the worn out, stretched out, burned out polo shirts and the ever-present shorts. Anyone who craves a look at my knees can buy me a beer and beg for a while, cause those overexposed Jackson joints are going undercover! And I thought I might explore these newfangled concepts of 'color' and 'harmony' and 'patterns' and 'fit to size' and see what happens.

Finally. The old bod. Hobbits might be cute and fun, but the elves get all the action, at least if you believe the fangirls. Svelte is where it's at. Okay, it's not where I'm at yet, but I'm getting there!

Is 2005 ready for a new me? I guess we'll find out.
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