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I still remember the Christmas I turned eight. I mean, damn, how could I forget the year I got my first 8mm camera? I loved that camera! Made crappy little films on it and actually managed to sell a few to the local paper - that let me upgrade to a 16mm, and it's been all down uphill from there.

Yeah, Christmas, some fine fine memories there. I mean, sure, overall, I LOVE Halloween the best. It's dark and creepy and ripe with chocolate bars and it's my birthday, damn it, but.... well, what the hey, Halloween's come and gone and it's time for a properly festive Jackson Christmas. Will stick to the classic theme of red and green, I'm sure inmate #544674, aka Martha Stewart would be right proud of the boy here for that. Going to run a small movie marathon of my own and take myself from sunset Chrismas eve right up to sunrise Christmas day. Red's easy to find. Lots of my favorite movies tend to run blood-red, including my own, thank you very much. Green's a slightly harder theme, but I'm going with the basics. Soylent Green, The Green Slime, and The Monster From Green Hell.

I hit the post office last week with a huge stack of envelopes. And I have to say, I'm feeling pretty damn smug about getting one out to pretty much everyone I know, and a few people I only sort of know. I know Wellington's a big town, but you grow up in a place, ply your craft there, live and work and breathe and play there, and you just know everyone, even if they don't know you know em, you know what I mean?

Whatever. I know what I mean. So, two kinds of envelopes went in the post last week. Those friends that don't bat an eye when the bills show up in the mail, or better yet, those gits that never SEE a bill cause their personal secretary takes care of all those pesky details for them... those friends? They got the envelopes with another envelope inside. They just need to take a minute to stuff a check (or have their humourless personal assistant stuff it) inside and drop it back in the mail, and either the Embassy Theatre or the local homeless shelter gets a boost. Merry Christmas all around.

The rest of my list? Those more 'normal' (so to speak) folks? They got another envelope. Those each have two gift certificates to Hede Cafe and Bar, home of the best damned miso soup in the city. Cause it's Christmas, and everyone should be filled with cheer, joy, happiness and good soup.

Actually, there were three kinds of envelopes, and that sort of bothers me. When I picked up the stack, it seemed twice as big as it had the night before, but I didn't really stop to think on it. I was in a hurry, so I just grabbed them and ran and mailed them. As the last few slid through the bulk slot at the post office, I noticed the handwriting on them wasn't mine. I tried to grab them back, and almost got one but it slipped and whoosh, all got mailed. I think the geezer slipped a few holiday greetings of his own in. Who the hell does he know in town? Or in this century, even?

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