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Pete: I've got my list of names drawn up. Have to say, it did feel nice to set pencil to legal pad, I've spent too much time on a keyboard. I can see how the old coot might enjoy wrapping his fingers around a pencil so much.

Next to my legal pad covered with the names of my friends and associates, I've got a clipping from the newspaper article, just in case I need a memory jog on times and details. The Fox & Firkin Pub (362 Dunleavy Avenue) is hosting a Halloween Charity Party on Saturday, October 30th. The party is a fundraiser for the refurbishment of Wellington's Embassy Theatre, a cause supported by several patrons of the pub including Peter Jackson, Academy Award winning director. The event begins at 8:00 pm and features prizes for the best costumes and other door prizes. Please contact Chris Miller at the Fox & Firkin for more details.

Might as well start with the easy marks. Build up a few good scores before I move on to the stubborn hermits. Wonder how Hugo's doing these days, speaking of which? Anyway. Ah. John. John, John, John. You'll do this for me, right old friend? I'm dialing, whistling "The Girl From Ipanema". Damn, I hate that song.

John: Cup of coffee, check. Newspaper, check. Sam out with Shiny for the day, check. I've got the house to myself and I'm ready to putter. There's some work in the garden to do today, nothing too strenuous, really just a once over to see what needs to be done this spring. But first, I pop on Lyle Lovett and spread out the newspaper across the kitchen table. I'm singing along to the punchline of "Don't Touch My Hat" when I hear the phone ring. I lower the volume with the remote and pick up the phone. "Hello? Pete! How's everything?"

Pete: ..and when she passes, each one she passes goes ....Ah, John! Everythings good! Lacquered up a set of new wings for one of the bi-planes this morning, the garage is fulla fumes now. I hope George's cat stays out of there or we're going to have one stoned tabby in the neighborhood for the next week.

Ah, anyway. Calling to see if you've got plans for Halloween eve? Want to invite you to a charity function, but it's not a snooty one. A party at the Firkin to benefit the Embassy restoration. I'll be there, in costume! Can you come? And Sam, too? Definitely, please invite Sam. I would love to see someone who's actually attractive there!

John: A party? And not one of those awful black tie affairs? "That actually sounds fun, Pete. Haven't been to a party in ages! I'll have to think about a costume though. Don't believe I have time to slim down enough for Arwen's gown. What are you going as, or is that a secret?" My coffee's gone, so I walk in and pour another cup, cradling the receiver in my neck. "Did you say it's for that theatre you're working with? Sam will definitely be interested in that. Did I mention that she and her friend went to a show there? She raved about it for a week afterwards." I chuckle into the phone. "Apparently the restrooms are the finest in all of Wellie."

Pete: "Ah, good, glad Sam appreciates all the efforts made at the theatre! Maybe I should talk to her one of these days, she sounds like she'd be a real ally to the theatre if she's interested in helping out, joining the cause, all that good stuff. Anyway, yep, just a fun, casual party, costumes as outrageous as I can goad people into. I've got mine ready, and sorry, it's a secret. But don't panic, it covers all the pertinent bits." I draw a little star by John's name on my legal pad. So far, I'm batting a thousand. Excellent. "First round of drinks is on me, my way of offsetting some of the party costs, so be there early so you don't miss out!"

John: "Drinks are on you? I wouldn't miss that for the world!" I'm already running through ideas for costumes. It is too bad that gown won't fit ... "Oh, and I'm having dinner with Bernard this week, I'll try to drag him along too. See if we can't get old Captain Smith out for the night." Which reminds me, I need to call the restaurant and confirm our reservations. Will do that in just a few minutes. "And I'll let you hit Sam up yourself. She's pretty busy with her classes, but you do have a knack for goading." I can't help but grimace. My fingers still cramp from the memory of you sitting me down with the PVC pipe and making me lend a hand to the chainmail guys. "So are we still on for the park this Sunday? Sorry I missed last week. That flu knocked me flat."

Pete: "Sunday's a go, if you're feeling up to it. You got the soup I had couriered over, right? Bet my chicken with garlic and onion sent that flu flying real quicklike." I doodle a little stick figure next to your name, and give it a funny hat with a feather. Wonder what you'll dress up as? "Maybe I'll talk to Sam about the theatre at the party, if I can get her attention away from all the cute young boys. Oh, and absolutely tell Bernard, I heard he was back, and I'm betting he could use some fun! Tell him I'm really looking forward to seeing him again! Oh, and tell him that all carrot-based drinks will be banned. He will drink unhealthy stuff like the rest of us and like it. You tell him I said so."

John: "I did get your soup, Pete, thanks! I meant to say something, it was delicious! I'm sure that's what cured me, no doubt about it. And as for Sam, you have my full permission to intervene any time you see her talking to any cute young boys. Just muscle your way in and send them on their way." I smile at the thought of you as a surrogate parent. She'll be so pleased! "But no, no carrot juice. I think for all his healthy ways, Bernard still enjoys the finer liquid things in life." Another cup of coffee's gone, and I've got enough caffeine coursing through my bloodstream to tackle that yard now. "OK, Pete, I'll spread the word. And I'll see you on Sunday. Thanks for calling, and give Fran my love."

Pete: "Will tell her, thanks John. And I'm really glad you're coming, I've been terrified of being lost alone in a sea of pretty young things. Er, wait, not that you're that far gone, um, well you know what I mean! Right? Ah hell. Okay, I'm buying all your drinks now, bit of faux pas relief for me. So, yeah, take care, and see you Sunday!" I hang up, make my 'doh' face, and shake my head, flipping the stray hairs off my glasses. Okay, who to call next.....
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